Angel Falls

Angel Falls in Houghton/Byron, Maine is supposedly the largest drop in Maine. I don’t really think it is, but who am I ??? I have been to these falls a couple of times in the past two decades, but both were at times of high water. This time there was very little flow and I was able to shoot the exposed rock face for the first time. The last time I was here I don’t remember being able to easily get to the bottom of the falls, but now it is quite easy and the blazed trail leads right there. At that time I wanted to find the source of the brook so I bush whacked to the top of the falls and followed the gorge up stream. I only succeeded in getting stuck in the gorge with no way out other than to traipse back down stream.

Unfortunately This time there was some trash left at the bottom by others enjoying the scenery. Perfect example of why we lose access to private property. We met a nice couple on their way up with two Salukis. Beautiful, very skinny dogs that were friends of Egyptian Pharaohs.

To reach the falls, Drive north 17 miles from Rumford/Mexico on route 17, turn left on the Houghton road. You will immediately cross a bridge over the Swift river and then right onto the old Bemis railroad bed. The parking for the falls is about 3.6 miles from route 17 on the left. If you have a 4-wheel drive, you can drive down the embankment to get closer to the trail head.


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