The Cataracts – Middle Drop

This small stream in Andover, Maine has been overlooked by me for years. I always drive past it to head into Dunn Notch on the Appalachian trail. In fact, I was heading to Dunn Notch on this day, but it was threatening thunder storms and this location is much closer to the road. Look what I have been missing all this time! Once I reached this drop, there was a guy enjoying the falls and he told me there was nothing upstream. I found out on line that there is an even more impressive drop about 2/10 mile further up stream. Guess I am headed back.

These photos were created from multiple bracketed images and blended with the Enfuse plug in with Lightroom 3. I plan on going back into the images to layer with Photoshop to remove some of the blurriness of the moving trees.


Take route 5 to Andover, Maine. At the middle of ‘town’ take a left at the intersection of route 120 onto the Upton road. This eventually becomes the East B Hill road. Fry Brook is 5.4 miles on the left. There is a dirt side road that can be driven to make the walk shorter or park at the tar road and walk the trail beside the brook.

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