I’m Keith Corson, owner of . I was born and grew up in the town of Strong in the Western Foothills of Maine. I now live in Bernard, Maine (Mount Desert Island) keeping me close the the places I love. I am a lifelong outdoor enthusiast driven to photograph the landscapes and natural areas that I’ve been exploring since my youth.

I am a photographer of the areas that I have explored since I was a teenager; rugged mountains, delicate waters, dramatic coastline. I began my photography journey in my teens with a cheap 35mm camera that had no real shutter release mechanism. The shutter stayed open for as long as you held the button. Fun to learn on, not so great for consistency. I learned the basics through trial and error, and a set of mail order Time/Life books. I graduated to the Minolta series of SLRs during college while taking an elective photography class. I later took a break from what I considered a hobby to start a family and a technology career. After the inevitable life re-evaluation as middle age approached I got bitten by the photography bug again. I now shoot exclusively with Sony SLTs and spend all of my free time in the grand Maine wilderness searching for those unique ‘WOW’ places.

Browse around the images on my site and enjoy my blog containing the details that go into capturing them. I digitally process my images with ‘just the right amount’ of enhancement to bring out the vision that I experience with the naked eye . My goal is to create a connection with places that may be familiar to you or catch your interest.

If you are interested in my professional work, check out or where I post my best work. All are available for purchase and I can provide personalized options if you’d like to contact me directly.


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