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On Neglecting

I know I have neglected this blog for many months. I wanted to provide an update as to why and assure all that many more posts will be forthcoming very soon.

Sometime in early 2017 the company I worked for was purchased by a venture capitalist group and the management of the company was absorbed by the larger group. I became frustrated with the new management and began searching (not rigorously) for new employment.

Now a little background story. Tammy, my spouse, and I were married in 1988 and spent our honeymoon hiking, biking, eating, etc. in and around Acadia National Park. I’m a life long Mainah and love Acadia NP. Over the following years we always returned to continue exploring the park and the surrounding areas. I remember commenting to her that I would love to live there, but being in the Information Technology field (I was an IP Engineer for a small telecommunications company), there weren’t many opportunities on Mount Desert Island (MDI). Other than telecommuting, the only real option would be to work for The Jackson Laboratory.

Now back to 2017. I had expressed my desire to work near Acadia NP with a colleague some time before and he informed me that there was an opening with The Jackson Laboratory for a Network Engineer posted on LinkedIn. During a night of frustrating maintenance work with other groups in the new company, I decided to apply. Long story a bit shorter, 4 months later at the end of July, I was working for the Lab as a Senior Network Engineer, I was living in a camper and commuting 180 miles on the weekends. I lived in a camper for 6 weeks, lived in a rented home for 4 months, then Tammy and I finally purchased a home in Tremont, ME on MDI and sold our previous home in South Paris, ME.

In about 9 months time Tammy and I moved 180 miles, I changed jobs, we purchased a home, we sold a home, we celebrated 30 years of marriage, and Tammy celebrated (??) her 50th birthday. Needless to say, we’ve been busy, life has changed dramatically, now back to exploring and updating this rag.

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