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Chandler Mill Stream Falls

Chandler Mill Stream runs directly parallel to the Sandy River at the Smalls Falls picnic area on route 4 in Madrid. The two streams join just below small falls. It’s interesting that they are so close together, yet originate a fair distance apart. Sandy River originates 4 miles north of Smalls Falls at Sandy River Ponds, while Chandler Mill Stream originates in the area West of Little Swift River Pond around 5 miles to the East of Sandy River Ponds. There is an unbelievable video of two guys kayaking both streams this past spring here! (Awesome Job Guys!!!)

Back to the picture. We arrived at mid day when the sun was saturating everything. What you see is the best of what I was able to get that day. Just down stream there was a group of guys jumping off the gorge walls into a deep pool. Some were doing back flips!!! Great spot for a picnic with the family, people watching, or relaxing with the streams. If Small Falls is too crowded, generally Chandler Mill Stream will have less people.

55mm, 1/10 sec @ f/18, ISO 100


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Kees Falls

Kees Falls is located on the Caribou Mtn. trail off route 113 in Evans Notch. Evans Notch is a beautiful sliver of the White Mountain National Forest between Gilead and Fryburg, Maine. The hike is quite easy beginning from a parking area approximately 4.6 miles south of Gilead. The trail meanders through beautiful softwood forests along the edge of a modest brook. The trail crosses the brook multiple times. At the third crossing, approximately 1.6 miles, the falls are just down stream.

Even though there was very little flow on this day, the emerald colored pool at the base was breathtaking. Well worth the trip.

28mm, 1/25 sec @ f4.5, ISO 800


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Angel Falls

Angel Falls in Houghton/Byron, Maine is supposedly the largest drop in Maine. I don’t really think it is, but who am I ??? I have been to these falls a couple of times in the past two decades, but both were at times of high water. This time there was very little flow and I was able to shoot the exposed rock face for the first time. The last time I was here I don’t remember being able to easily get to the bottom of the falls, but now it is quite easy and the blazed trail leads right there. At that time I wanted to find the source of the brook so I bush whacked to the top of the falls and followed the gorge up stream. I only succeeded in getting stuck in the gorge with no way out other than to traipse back down stream.

Unfortunately This time there was some trash left at the bottom by others enjoying the scenery. Perfect example of why we lose access to private property. We met a nice couple on their way up with two Salukis. Beautiful, very skinny dogs that were friends of Egyptian Pharaohs.

To reach the falls, Drive north 17 miles from Rumford/Mexico on route 17, turn left on the Houghton road. You will immediately cross a bridge over the Swift river and then right onto the old Bemis railroad bed. The parking for the falls is about 3.6 miles from route 17 on the left. If you have a 4-wheel drive, you can drive down the embankment to get closer to the trail head.


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Alder Stream Falls

I photographed these very early in the morning the week of July 4th. I’m from a town just to the south and never knew these falls were here. Access is on the Alder Stream road on the left, 6.3 miles north of Pines Market above Eustis Village. Eventually the road heads up a steep incline. The gorge is off to the right. At 4.7 miles from route 27 there is a small area to park on the right. The falls are off a trail to the right.

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Abraham – Sugarloaf Profile

There is a perfect spot on route 27 just above the New Vineyard village that shows the complete profile of the Abraham chain, Spalding, and Sugarloaf mountains looking toward Salem and Kingfield. Need to keep this location in mind for a foliage shoot.

1/1000 sec @ f5.6, 55mm, polarizing filter

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Pennesseewassee Sunset

We were headed back from Lovell one evening and noticed the fantastic sunset at the end of Lake Pennesseewassee (Norway Lake). Another reason to always keep a camera in the car…

HDR Blend of 3 images at f5.6, ISO 400, 1/10 – 1/6 – 1/4 sec, 55mm

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Tim Pond Falls

This is the outlet to Tim Pond in Eustis, Maine. I grew up in this area and never new it existed. Drive route 27 north .4 miles past Eustis village and take a left onto the Tim Pond Road. At mile 8 the road passes over a large culvert with dense alders on each side. Pull over here and you will hear the falls to the left beyond the dense under brush. Well worth the effort.

24mm, .5 sec at f/4.5, ISO 100


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Poplar Stream Falls

Poplar Stream is located in Carrabassett Valley near one of the huts along the Maine Huts and Trails system. I went here years ago when my kids were little and kind of forgot about it until recently. Very easy to find. Follow route 27 to Valley Crossing in Carrabassett Valley and take a right over the Carrabassett river onto the Carriage Road. Approximately 2.4 miles in from 27, there is a little used road to the right. This ends at a gate in an old gravel pit. The falls are to the right of the bridge just beyond the gate.

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